Everything from setting up 2-way email sync to how email works on Recruit CRM

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Hide all your emails from other users on your accountThis article will help you hide all your emails with Candidates/Contacts from your team by hiding it from the Related Emails and Reports.
Connecting IMAP Email to Recruit CRMThis article will help you connect your Email to Recruit CRM through the IMAP settings
Enable the 'unsubscribe/opt-out from email' link for emails sent to candidates/contactsInclude the unsubscribe option on emails sent to candidates/contacts or manually disable email communication with them.
Mark email IDs and Domains as Confidential: Hide all Sent and Received Emails for Specific Candidates/Contacts or DomainThis article will help you add specific Candidates/Contacts to a list of Confidential email Ids and hide all email communication with them
Connecting Your Outlook/Office365 Email To Recruit CRMThis article will help you connecting your Outlook/Office365 Email to Recruit CRM
Editing Standard Default Email TemplatesEdit the Standard Email Templates to personalize your communications with your Candidate & Contacts
Connecting Your Email (Gmail) To Recruit CRM Using NylasThis article will help you connecting your Gmail Email to Recruit CRM
Verifying Your Email IDThis article will help you verify your registered email
Enabling Email Sync/3rd party Email Clients For Office365/Outlook/ZohoConfiguring Microsoft Office 365/Outlook Email Account with Recruit CRM
Email Scheduling in Recruit CRMYou can schedule emails to be sent for a particular date and time from Recruit CRM.
Email Not Syncing/WorkingHow to re-connect your email when facing email sync issues
Setting Up and Customizing Your Email SignatureYour email signature is an essential part of the emails, and here's how you can create one within Recruit CRM.
Creating Email Templates in Recruit CRMSend customized email templates to your candidates or contacts
Emailing Candidates & ContactsEmail your Candidates & Contacts, directly from Recruit CRM.
Bulk Emailing Candidates & ContactsSend bulk emails to candidates or contacts
How Email Open Tracking Works in Recruit CRM?My emails are not getting tracked? Email tracking is not working? Not getting notifications when someone opens/replies to my emails.
How to set up Email Automation/Triggers?How to set up Email Automation? How to set up Email Triggers? Where are email triggers?
Automate "Thank You For Applying" Emails on Recruit CRMThis article will help you send out "Thank You" emails to Talent pool joiners & direct applicants on jobs
Email Sequencing in Recruit CRMLeverage the sequencing feature to keep your email sequence running until the recipient responds, while efficiently managing internal tasks.
Managing Your Email SequenceThis article will guide you on how you can enroll and unenroll candidates/contacts from a sequence.
How to grant admin access on the Microsoft Azure portalThis article will help you to connect your admin email within Recruit CRM.
Email Sequencing AnalyticsIn this article, we'll take a look at the key statistics used to evaluate the performance of an email sequence and how they are calculated.
Understanding bulk email limitsThis article offers valuable recommendations on the ideal volume of bulk emails to send to your contacts and candidates
Recent policy changes from Google & YahooThis article will help you keep up with Google & Yahoo's new email protection policy.
Deleting emails from Recruit CRMIn this article, we'll walk you through the process of deleting emails from Recruit CRM.