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Connecting Your Email (Gmail) To Recruit CRM Using Nylas
Connecting Your Email (Gmail) To Recruit CRM Using Nylas

This article will help you connecting your Gmail Email to Recruit CRM

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Recruit CRM has partnered with to power our email services.

To connect your Gmail email to send/receive emails from within Recruit CRM, please follow the steps below:

  1. You'll get an option to Connect the email account. Click on the "Connect" button to proceed

  2. It will redirect you to the Nylas login page. Enter your email that you wish to connect to Recruit CRM

  3. Click on the "Sign in with Google" option:

  4. Authenticate your email ID to continue:

  5. Allow all the permissions and hit "continue" to confirm your permissions

Once the account is verified, your email will be connected to Recruit CRM.

Please Note:

It will take up to 10 minutes for your initial folders to sync with Recruit CRM and it may take up to 2-3 hours for your older emails to sync completely.

This is just a one-time activity when you connect your email to Recruit CRM using Nylas for the first time.

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