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How Email Open Tracking Works in Recruit CRM?
How Email Open Tracking Works in Recruit CRM?

My emails are not getting tracked? Email tracking is not working? Not getting notifications when someone opens/replies to my emails.

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I'll quickly explain how email tracking works.

When you send an email from Recruit CRM, a small "invisible" image of 1px is attached to your email. The person receiving your email never sees the image.

For email open tracking to work, your recipient's email client should allow images to be displayed. For some email clients, it is on by default but for some email clients like Zoho, you might get options like the one in the image below.

Once your recipient clicks on display now, this particular email will be tracked and you will get a notification about your email being opened on Recruit CRM.

If your recipient doesn't click on the display image, your email won't be tracked & you will not receive any notification on Recruit CRM.

How to add the email tracking pixel?

Follow the steps mentioned below to ensure that the email tracking pixel is included in the emails you send out.

1. Click on your profile avatar in the top left corner of the screen.

2. Make sure "Track Sent Emails" is toggled on.

Once you turn on this toggle then we will add a pixel (an invisible image) to every email you send from Recruit CRM to track when someone opens it.

Tracking opened emails

The "Opened/Replied" section in the mailbox tracks the emails that have been opened or replied to.

The notification panel also gives notifications for the latest emails that are opened.

Hope this helped :)

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