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Managing Your Email Sequence
Managing Your Email Sequence

This article will guide you on how you can enroll and unenroll candidates/contacts from a sequence.

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This is a Business Plan feature and in the Pro/Free plan, users will have access to create only 1 sequence. Only the account owners, admins, and users on custom roles with access to sequencing can create a sequence.

Enrolling Candidates/Contacts in a Sequence

To enroll candidates and contacts in a sequence follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Open the candidates/contacts list page and select the candidates/contacts to enroll in a sequence.

2. After selecting the candidates/contacts, a pop-up box will appear displaying a list of the enrolled candidates/contacts, except those records which:

  • Have opted out of email;

  • Are already enrolled in another sequence;

  • Do not have an email address

3. After clicking 'Continue', you will be taken to a page where your email templates will be displayed by default. Additionally, you will have the option to select templates belonging to other users as well.

4. After selecting a sequence, you'll have access to all its constituent steps. By clicking on each step, you can modify the number of days or preferred execution time to suit your needs.

5. If you want to execute the first stage of the sequence today, then click on the "Send Today" button and the rest of the steps will be rolled out accordingly.

6. You can choose the starting point of your sequence. For example, if you want to start from step 2, simply select it from the 'Start At' dropdown and your sequence will skip step 1 and start from step 2.

7. You can check the enrollment status of the enrolled candidates/contacts on their detailed pages, which will display an info bar indicating if they are enrolled in a particular sequence.

9. If someone edits the sequence that is already running, then the changes will be applicable to future enrollments or candidates/contacts who are about to receive that mail.

10. Whenever someone replies to the email sequence the sequence gets paused and the candidate/contact gets unenrolled from the sequence.

11. Moreover, you also have the flexibility to enroll the candidates/contacts directly from the sequence section. After creating your sequence, simply click on the "Enroll" button :

Unenrolling Candidates/Contacts from the sequence

You can bulk unenroll candidates/contacts from the sequence. All you need to do is go inside a particular sequence and click on "Enrollments" after which you can select candidates in bulk and unenroll them.

Alternatively, you can also unenroll the candidates/contacts from the candidate’s/contact’s detailed page.

Note: The user who has initiated the enrollment process should have his/her email settings connected with Recruit CRM. This is mandatory since the emails will be sent out using the enrolled user’s email settings.

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