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Sequences within Recruit CRM
Sequences within Recruit CRM

In this article, we will discuss the power of sequences for streamlined communication and task management within Recruit CRM.

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The sequence is a powerful strategy that enables you to streamline your communication efforts and optimize task management. In this article, we will talk about the various sequence capabilities Recruit CRM offers.

This is a Business Plan exclusive feature. Users on the pro plan/free trial can create only 1 sequence on their account at a time.

1. Email Sequencing

You can send a series of precisely timed email templates to candidates and contacts over a specified period ensuring consistent and personalized outreach.

Using email sequencing you can send a sequence of emails, one by one, to your contacts or candidates.

You can read more about how email sequencing works in Recuit CRM here:

2. Task Sequencing:

Sequencing is not limited to external communication alone. Task sequencing is a powerful method to automatically set up tasks for your candidate and contact profiles in Recruit CRM.

You can read more about how task sequencing works in Recuit CRM from here:

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