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Connecting Recruit CRM & other apps with Workflow Automation
Connecting Recruit CRM & other apps with Workflow Automation

Automate and streamline various recruitment tasks by creating automation workflows.

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Connect your Recruit CRM account with Workflow Automation

You can connect your Recruit CRM account in two ways: through the connection wizard or in the recipe editor.

A. Connecting through the connection wizard

The same process can be followed to connect 3rd party apps with Workflow Automation.

  • Go to the Workflows module and click on Create >> Connection.

  • Search Recruit CRM on the search bar and select the app.

  • Enter the Connection Name, Location, and API Token to set up your Recruit CRM connection. Once connected you can use this connection to create your Recipes.

B. Connecting through the recipe editor

  • Give your recipe a name, and the location (folder) where you want it to be saved, and pick your starting point as “Trigger from an app” to start building the recipe.

  • Search for Recruit CRM in the app directory and select it as the trigger app for your recipe.

  • Choose the trigger and connect your account by entering the API token. Once connected, you’ll be able to use the same connection every time you create a recipe.

  • Specify the trigger event that will initiate the workflow. For example, in Recruit CRM, you can choose to trigger the recipe when a new candidate is added, a job is updated, or any other supported trigger event.

  • Once your trigger is set up, you can add various actions that should follow the trigger event. These actions can include updating candidate records, sending notifications, or creating tasks within Recruit CRM or other apps.

Connect third-party apps with Workflow Automation

The below steps will help you connect your third-party applications such as Outlook, Gmail, Google Sheets, or any other apps.

1. Create a New Recipe or an Action for the existing recipe.

2. Choose your third-party applications by searching them.

3. Authenticate the third-party app by signing into your account.

Before you complete your authentication process, please choose the “Requested permissions (Oauth scopes)” from the Advanced Setting section.

It’s recommended to select all the scopes to have complete access to your account while setting up relevant triggers and actions.

If you have trouble selecting all the scopes then try deselecting the nonessential ones, select the important scopes, and proceed.

4. Once you have connected your third-party app account, you’ll be able to set the relevant triggers and actions.

This is all! Now you can have fun creating your own recipes :)

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