When you perform certain actions within Recruit CRM the system triggers a standard email template to help you finish your communication. These standard email templates can be customized to suit your needs.

Note: For setting up your email, refer to these articles:

This article will help you connect your Gmail to Recruit CRM

This article will help you connect your Outlook/Office365 to Recruit CRM

This article will help you connect your Email to Recruit CRM through the IMAP settings

The following events trigger a pop-up of the Standard email Templates-

Meeting Confirmation Template

Request Updated Profile
Submit Candidates - Online list
Pitch candidates to Contact
Submit Candidates - Email with Attachments and Candidate Grid

To Customise These Templates:

Login to Recruit CRM > Click on the Mailbox > Standard Email Templates

Once you're on this page, you can click on the pencil (edit) icon and customize the templates suiting your needs.

IMPORTANT: Wherever you see code {URL} in the default templates, please do not make any changes to it, as these are the unique online links to the data that is to be sent to your candidates & contacts.

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