It's tedious and an absolute waste of time to write the same message over and over again. We've built our powerful Email Template Builder that you can use to create custom messages to send to all your candidates and contacts.

There are 3 types of Email Templates in Recruit CRM:

  1. Automated workflow Templates: These templates are triggered automatically when a specific event occurs. E.g. If the hiring stage of a candidate is changed or if any candidate has applied through your website.

  2. Candidate Templates: These templates are created by you only for candidates, and these can be selected from the drop-down while sending emails to candidates. It only includes candidate placeholders.

  3. Contact Templates: These templates are created by you only for contacts, and these can be selected from the drop-down while sending emails to contacts. It only includes contact placeholders.

To create a new Candidate or Contact Email Template, go to Email templates and click on the Green "Create Email Template" button.

Recruit CRM also lets you add custom "Placeholders" to your emails that automatically pick up associated values like candidates/contacts first/last name, company name, job name, etc. to give your message a more personal touch.

Also, if you wish to use the same placeholder multiple times in the email body, you can use that from the Placeholders drop-down.

You can even copy the placeholder and use it in the email subject line.

Important Headings:

Template Related To Choose whether this template is meant for Candidate or Contacts (Placeholders will be populated with reference to what you select here)

*You can also choose the “Automated Workflow Candidate Email” to set up email triggers for when the stage of a candidate within a job is updated.

Email Template Name: This is a template name that you & your team can see internally to easily identify the template

Email Subject: This is the subject of an email that you’ll be sending out from Recruit CRM.

Placeholders: Placeholders in an email template populate associated values on that record when you select that email template from the drop-down list and Send it to a candidate/contact.

Share Template: This option lets you share a template with all your teammates.

Template Body: Here you’ll write the actual email that you wish to send.

Another important thing you can do is, adding an attachment to an Email Template :)

You can have your email templates ready with an attachment, that will save you a lot of time to add attachments every time you send an email.

That's it!

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