Before you connect your Outlook Or Zoho email to Recruit CRM you need to make sure that 3rd party email sync is enabled for your account.

The video below will show you how easy it is to do this with step by step instructions.

  • For Outlook & Office365

You'll have to go to your outlook account on the web. Here's the link: Outlook Web

  1. Open your desired outlook / office 365 mail account.

  2. Click on settings.

  3. Scroll down and click on "view all outlook settings"

  4. Click on Email

  5. Click on Sync Mail

  6. Scroll down till you see "POP and IMAP"

  7. Under POP options, Click on "Yes"

  8. Click on Save

  9. Done!

  • For Zoho

  1. Open your desired zoho mail account

  2. Click on the gear setting icon on the right

  3. Scroll down till you see mail accounts box

  4. Click on IMAP Access link

  5. You will see all your zoho mail accounts, click the one you want to connect with Recruit CRM.

  6. In your mail account box, Click on IMAP & then tick IMAP Access

  7. Done! 

That's all :)

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