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Understanding bulk email limits
Understanding bulk email limits

This article offers valuable recommendations on the ideal volume of bulk emails to send to your contacts and candidates

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Recruit CRM offers a bulk emailing/email shot option so you can send out bulk emails to your candidates/contacts in a single shot.

Limits on bulk emailing 🔍

While Recruit CRM allows you to send an email shot to 500 candidates/contacts at a time, it is important to understand that most email service providers (like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.) impose certain restrictions on the number or volume of emails that can be sent in a single batch AND/OR within a day.

Sending bulk emails beyond these limits may result in temporary account suspension and the classification of your emails as spam.

Here are a few limits set by different email providers for your reference:

Recommendations from Recruit CRM 🤔

While you can choose up to 500 records at a time (in Recruit CRM) to email at once, it's not recommended to send emails to a large number of recipients all at once.

It's advisable to keep your email batches relatively small, typically no more than 30 to 50 emails at a time, based on the restrictions set by your email service providers.

After sending each batch, we recommend waiting for a 20 to 30-minute interval before dispatching the next set of emails.

This strategy can lower the risk of your email account being flagged by your service provider, thus reducing the chances of these emails landing in the spam folder of your candidates or contacts.

Hope this helps!

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