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Email Not Syncing/Working
Email Not Syncing/Working

How to re-connect your email when facing email sync issues

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Are you not able to get new emails in the CRM or are not able to send emails? 

Here's a quick hack that might resolve the issue! All you need to do is disconnect your email from Recruit CRM and connect it again. Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to the email settings page here:

  2. Click on the "Delete" icon on the email settings. This will delete your email settings from the system.

  3. Once the existing setting is deleted, click on the "Connect" button. Now on the page, you are redirected to, enter your email ID and give relevant permissions to get your email connected again.

The following articles might help:

PS: Once connected, your email sync will start which is a background activity. You can use the rest of the application and even send emails while the email sync is in progress.

Hope this helps!

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