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Job Posting and Management
Job Posting and Management

Effortlessly share, post and manage jobs and applications across various platforms.

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How To Integrate Recruit CRM Jobs Into My WordPress Website?Integrating Recruit CRM's Job Board With Your Website? How to integrate the career page iframe?
Integrating Totaljobs with Recruit CRMThis article will help you set up the integration with Totaljobs to have your jobs from Recruit CRM posted on your Totaljobs feed
Advertise your jobs through Recruit CRM's Job MarketplaceSponsor your jobs on multiple job boards directly from the system.
How to choose which jobs are visible on your website?How to enable/disable job application forms or How to show/hide jobs on your website?
Track the Source of Job Applicants from Multiple Platforms Using the Same Job Application URL.This article will tell you how you can track the source of your applicants who apply through the Job Application URL that you share!
Sharing Jobs On Social MediaShare a job on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter or any other platform. Create and share links to source candidates from different channels.
How to use the job application link to get applicants directly into Recruit CRM?Use the job application link to get applicants directly into Recruit CRM from your job posts on job boards
How Job Board Posting Works in Recruit CRMHow to post job on job boards?
Integrating Recruit CRM Career Page with SquarespaceThis article will help you integrate your Recruit CRM Job Board with your website managed by Squarespace
Build your own XML feed for job boardsThis article will help you with the step-by-step process to build your own XML feed for job boards.
Job-specific application formLearn to customize candidate fields for each job application form.
Customize Job Application FormHow to customize job application form?
Setting Up Your Public Jobs PageThe Recruit CRM's jobs page lets you give candidates a public page where they can apply to positions your firm is currently recruiting for.
Setting up your Talent Pool pageThe Talent Pool Form lets candidates submit their profile to you even if they don't find a suitable job in your list.
Integrating Recruit CRM with your LogicMelon accountIntegrate LogicMelon with Recruit CRM and post jobs to multiple online destinations with one click
Integrating Indeed With Recruit CRMThis article will help you post Jobs directly from Recruit CRM to your Indeed paid feed.
Integrating your Recruit CRM "Jobs Page" with WixThis article will show you how you can integrate your Recruit CRM Job Board With Your Wix Powered Website
Translating External Forms For CandidatesThis article will help you translate the fields on external forms for candidates like the Job Application form to your preferred language.