Posting a new job opening on LinkedIn or any other platform and want to get applicants directly into Recruit CRM? Use our Job Application link to do this!

When you add or create a job within Recruit CRM, we also give you an individual Job Application link for each job created. This link can then be shared along with the Job Post on other platforms to get the applicants to apply on the link and come into the system directly!

  1. Enable Job Application Form for the job: while adding or editing a job you can enable/disable the job application form.

  2. Once the job application form is enabled for the job, you can then simply copy the job application URL from the detailed view of the job:

  3. Now all you need to do is share the "Job Application URL" that you have now copied along with your Job posts on LinkedIn or any job board. Applicants will be directed to your Job Application form to apply:

    The following article will help you customize your Job Application form: Customize Job Application Form

  4. The applications will then come directly under the "Applied" stage for each specific job. You can also track the source of your applicants by tweaking the job application URL a little: Track the Source of Job Applicants from Multiple Platforms Using the Same Job Application URL.

Using Job Application URL for LinkedIn Job Posts:

LinkedIn gives the option to redirect candidates who apply for jobs on your LinkedIn job posts to your Job application URL.

  1. To do that, while creating your LinkedIn job post in "Applicant Options", under "How would you like to receive your applicants? " choose the option "External Website":

[video-to-gif output image]

2. Now paste the Job Application URL of the job you have copied from Recruit CRM under the "Website Address" field:

3. And now you can post your job and have the applicants come into Recruit CRM directly!

Feel free to reach out using the blue chatbot on the bottom-right of your screen if you have any questions :)

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