Sharing Jobs On Social Media

Share a job on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter or any other platform. Create and share links to source candidates from different channels.

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Sourcing candidates from social media is really easy with Recruit CRM. 

Recruit CRM gives you the ability to share jobs on social media platforms in just a few clicks.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. One-click posting button for Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

  2. Copying the job application form link and pasting it on any external platform of your choice or just emailing it to candidates.

Below is how One click posting on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter works:

  • Go to your job list page

  • Choose on the job you want to share

  • You’ll find 3 social media icons on each job

  • Click on any icon to post the job on that social media platform (Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter)

  • You’ll be redirected to the social media site along with the readymade post

  • Type anything you’d like to add to your job listing and click “Post” to share the job.

You can share any job directly on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn by clicking on their icons.

Another way to post job is by copying the "Job Application URL"

  • Click on the "Copy Job Application URL" button to copy the application form link associated with a job

  • Paste it on any Job Board, Social Media Platform or any website to accept job applications

  • Candidates will click on the link and fill the form you customise in Admin Settings

  • These candidates will directly come to your Recruit CRM account under the “Website Applicant” tab

When the candidates fill the form, the data will directly go into Recruit CRM database and will be visible in the “All Website Applicants”.

Note: You can add an image of your choice while posting jobs on social media.

This is how you change the default image in Recruit CRM:

  • Scroll all the way down till the “Social Media Sharing” section

  • You can change the text inside the 2 boxes, that will appear on your post on Social Media. The format will be like - Apply To {Job Name} With {Company Name}, where {Job Name} & {Company Name} is dynamic and can’t be changed. The {Company Name} is the name of your company/agency not the clients 

Your post will appear like this:

The image you upload inside Recruit CRM will also be applied to all Social Media postings, even if candidates share a job through your jobs page.That's about it!

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