Recruit CRM gives you the ability to share your Job Application form by copying the job application form link and pasting it on any external platform of your choice. You can also track the source of the candidates who apply through the Job Application URL by tweaking the URL a little!

For example, if you wanted to track candidates who have applied through LinkedIn a simple change in the job URL will help you keep a track of your LinkedIn applicants.

To do this, just copy the URL of the job you want to post on LinkedIn:

And then add, ?source=LinkedIn after the URL as seen in the image below:

If this sounds confusing, here’s a video for you:

You can then share the modified URL along with the job post on LinkedIn. When a Candidate then applies through this link, the Source field for candidates will appear as "LinkedIn" inside your Recruit CRM database.

Similarly, you can do this to track applicants from other platforms as well, just by adding the name of the platform after “?source=” in the URL. Since this source added gets captured under the source field, you can also run a filter to track applicants coming from a specific source using Advanced Search.

If you have more questions on this, just reach out to us using the blue chatbot on the bottom right of your screen!

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