Recruit CRM's Advanced Search feature lets you combine a powerful boolean search with column level filters.

Important Note: Only fields you make visible on your list page appear in the "Filter Search" area of "Advanced Search"

You can use Boolean operators to search through all profiles in your database based on specific keywords in their Resume/CV or data fields (including custom fields) in their profile.

Using boolean search is easy, Follow this guide & you will be hunting records in no time.

Images below:

Step 1
- Click on Advanced Search Button 

Step 2
- Type your search criteria here

Step 3
- Click on Apply Filters and see the results.

Similarly, if you are done, you can click on the red button to reset your current boolean search. 

Working of Boolean Search Operators:

Search in Notes

Apart from our powerful Boolean & Filter Search, Recruit CRM gives you an ability to “Search in Notes”

This feature lets you search through all notes in candidates or contacts to look for a sentence or word.

Here’s how you can search for keywords/strings inside Notes.

  • Click on the Advanced Search button and then click on the “Search in Notes” tab

  • Type your keyword or string in the search box and hit Search Notes button

  • Hit the green “Search Notes” button on the bottom right.

Your search results will be displayed.

You only need to hover over the candidate name and click on the Notes button to see all the notes on that candidate.

That's about it!

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