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Radius Search

Search for candidates within a specific area/location using the Radius Search

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Recruit CRM's Radius Search lets you look for candidates/contacts within the radius range you choose. The Radius Search feature in Recruit CRM is powered by Google Maps which works well if you have a candidate/contact's address available inside the "Full Address" field of candidate/contact.

How to enable radius search on your account?

Only account owners, admins, and users with custom permissions will have the ability to enable the radius search options for each entity.

You can choose which data you'd like to apply a radius search to by toggling the switch for each type of record in Recruit CRM (such as candidates, contacts, companies, and jobs). Follow these steps to enable a radius search for your records.

1. Navigate to your Account section in the Admin Settings.

2. Scroll down until you find the "Radius Search" settings, then switch on the toggle for each entity where you want to perform radius searches.

🔍 How to run a radius search on your records?

Do you need to find iOS Developers in New York who stay within a radius of 10 km of Central Park on your candidate database? Let me show you how you can find your candidate in just seconds!

1. Before you do the search, make sure you have made the "Full Address" field visible on your list view, by clicking on the small pencil icon next to Advanced Search:

Now make sure that you have ticked the "Full Address" field from here:

2. Then go to candidates and click on the blue Advanced Search button:

3. Type the location you want (you'll be able to see suggestions as you type)and select your preferred location. If it's Central Park, click and select that address from the drop-down:

You can also choose to add other filters along with the Radius search.

4. Click on Apply filters and your results will be displayed instantly on the same screen.

💡 Pro Tip: You can save this combination of filters if you happen to use this often, by clicking on "Apply Filters & Save Search".

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