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How to run a search in Recruit CRM
How to run a search in Recruit CRM

Our Advanced Search feature lets you combine a powerful boolean search with column-level filters.

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Boolean Search

You can use Boolean operators to search through all profiles in your database based on specific keywords in their Resume/CV or data fields (including custom fields) in their profile.

1. Click on the Advanced Search button on the top right of your screen.

​2. You can use the Boolean Search to search for specific keywords in the record's profile and uploaded CV (only the file uploaded in the default "Resume" field).

In the Boolean Search, you can combine AND, OR, and NOT operators to narrow down your search results.

You can also use the "Contains Search" option to find any records that have that word mentioned, not just the exact phrase.

E.g If you run a search for "sales" using the Contains Search, you'll get results like "business sales", "international sales", "sales management", etc.

​3. Click on "Apply Filters" to see the results.

Alternatively, you can also save your search by selecting the "Apply Filters & Save Search" option, which will allow you to create a folder under the "Saved Searches" tab.

Similarly, if you are done, you can click on the red button to reset your current boolean search. 

Filter Search

You can run a search both in the default fields from Recruit CRM and in the custom fields you've created for your account.

Only fields you make visible on your list page appear in the Filter Search area of Advanced Search.

You can combine multiple filters to get better results and use different filter types for accuracy.

Search in Notes

Apart from our powerful Boolean & Filter Search, Recruit CRM gives you the ability to Search in Notes.

This feature lets you search for a sentence or word through all the notes in candidates' or contacts' profiles.

Here’s how you can search for keywords/strings inside Notes:

1. Go to Advanced Search and then click on the “Search in Notes” tab. Type your keyword or string in the search box and hit the "Search Notes" button on the bottom right.

2. You only need to hover over the candidate's name and click on the Notes button to see all the notes on that candidate.

That's about it!

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