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OnBoarding & Setting Up Recruit CRM
OnBoarding & Setting Up Recruit CRM

The Article & Videos In This Collection will help you quickly setup your Recruit CRM Account and figure out the system.

Customizing your "Pitch Candidate" PipelineSetting up the stages in your Pitch Candidate(s) to Contact(s) pipeline
Customize Your Hiring Pipeline And Create Multiple Hiring PipelinesCreate and customize your master hiring pipeline and also add multiple custom hiring pipelines.
Troubleshooting Speed Issues with Recruit CRM.This article will help you troubleshoot the speed issue
Free Recruit CRM WebinarsThis article will tell you more about our Webinars & help you book a slot for yourself or your team.
Exporting All Data For Recruit CRM Account OwnersThis article will help account owner export all their Recruit CRM record data to spreadsheets.
Setting up your profile sectionThis article will help you change your profile settings.
Changing The System LanguageThis article will help you change your system language
Turning Off Email RemindersThis article will help turn off email reminders.
Join your team!How to join your official team and not create a new account
Changing your card details on fileLearn to switch your Debit/Credit card on file with us.
Adding Custom Fields To RecordsThis article will help add custom fields for candidates, contacts, companies & jobs.
How to run a search in Recruit CRMOur Advanced Search feature lets you combine a powerful boolean search with column-level filters.
Getting Started On Recruit CRMWhat Recruit CRM Is & How To Actually Use It!
Call Type CustomizationThis article will guide you on how to customize the call type in Recruit CRM.
Filter types for Advanced SearchLearn about the various filters types available within Recruit CRM, their function and usage.
Data MigrationThis article will give you an overview of how Recruit CRM's data migration process works
Recruit CRM onboarding - Part 2This document is designed to teach new users and prospects everything you need to know to get started in the system.
Import Mapping Template