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Exporting All Data For Recruit CRM Account Owners
Exporting All Data For Recruit CRM Account Owners

This article will help account owner export all their Recruit CRM record data to spreadsheets.

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You can export all your data from Recruit CRM in a single click.

Note: Only account owners can perform this action.

🔐 Initiating the data export

1. Go to admin settings and Click on "Account"

​2. Choose the type of export required:

Data Export

Full Export

Includes CSV files for all candidates, contacts, jobs, companies, and deals data along with the assignments and associations like notes, meetings, tasks, and hotlists.

Along with the CSV file included in the "Data Export", the full export will also include all the files attached with candidates, contacts, and company records.

You can export the CSV files once a day.

You can run the full data export once every 90 days.

⬇️ Downloading the files

1. You will receive an email from once your data files are ready. This may take a few minutes or up to two days, depending on the size of your data.

Note: The data links are only valid for 7 days. Please make sure you download the data on your device before the links expire.

2. Click on the download links to download all the data on your device and access it as follows 👇

CSV files with all the associations & assignments

Once you open the Zip file, you'll find the CSVs for all candidates, companies, contacts, jobs, and deals data along with the associations and assignments.

Attachment files

After downloading the Zip file for attachments, you can review the data for each record of all the entities (candidates, companies, and contacts).

🔍 Checking the export history

You can also check the history of all export actions performed on the account by clicking on the clock icon as shown below:

Note: The system will automatically trigger a full data export when you proceed to deactivate your account.

🔺 Unable to initiate the export?

The data export is only applicable for active subscriptions.

Please check if you have an unpaid invoice on your subscription or reach out to us using the chatbot. Or, you can email us at

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