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Does Recruit CRM provide a free trial, and how long can I use the free trial?

Yes, Recruit CRM provides a free trial. The free trial is not time-based; it's usage-based. You can add up to 50 Candidates, 4 Jobs, 50 Companies & 50 Contacts, after which you need to upgrade to a paid plan.

You can sign up for a free trial using the link below:

Can I login into Recruit CRM from multiple devices?

No, you cannot log in to Recruit CRM from multiple devices. You can log into Recruit CRM only from one laptop/desktop device and the Recruit CRM app on your phone simultaneously. But you cannot access your Recruit CRM from two or more laptops or desktops at the same time.

Below are links to download our mobile apps:

Can I change my system language?

Yes, you can change the system language. Recruit CRM comes in six Languages - English, French, Dutch, Spanish, German, and Portuguese.

The article below will help you set your system language:

Can I change my card on file?

Yes, you can change your card on file with us! Check out the article below to learn how:

How do I reset my Recruit CRM password?

Changing or resetting your Recruit CRM password is super easy.

The article below will guide you to do so:

How do I add another license to my account and invite my teammate?

To add another license to your account, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to Admin Settings >>>Plans & Billing and then click on the "Edit Current Plan" button.

  • Increase the number of users by the number of users you want and click on "Review Order" and "Update Plan & Pay"

  • Once you do that, you'll then be charged for the additional seat that you bought for the remaining period of your billing cycle.

Once this is done, go to Admin settings >>> Users to invite your teammates.
This article will help you with that.

Here's a Webinar Registration form. You can have them fill up for a Webinar to train them on using Recruit CRM!

Does Recruit CRM have a search functionality?

Yes, Recruit CRM does have a search functionality. Advanced Search and Boolean operators are available on all record types in Recruit CRM. You can use the Boolean search to find records based on specific keywords.

Here is an article to help you do this:

Where are all our data stored?

We currently use AWS to manage our database and servers. For users on the Pro and the Business plans, data is stored and cloned live across Data Centers managed by AWS (Amazon Web Services) in Ireland, Singapore & United States.

Based on the location of the user, data is automatically streamed from the closest data center to reduce latency and also maximize uptime in case one of the regions is down.

Important note: If your concern is GDPR, you do not need to be worried as we are fully GDPR compliant.

You can read our Data Processing Agreement & GDPR policy at the bottom of our website to confirm this.

Here’s a link:

We ensure that we strictly adhere to GDPR rules for data globally, which includes deleting data across global data centers if requested by an end candidate or user of Recruit CRM. We specifically comply and have European SCCs (Standard contractual clauses) that are a framework to stay compliant while transferring data outside the EU for data processing.

You can learn more about this from the website below:

Although we have an option for enterprise customers to set up a custom server/database in an AWS data center of your choice (Germany, Dublin), etc, it’s completely not required unless you have a special contract with government clients that specifically need you to keep data with the EEA in addition to being GDPR compliant.

What are the features that are available on a Business Plan?

Here are all the exciting features that are available in our business plan:

Another feature that will be a part of the business plan soon:

  • Email Sequencing

To upgrade, just go to the business plan from the Plans & Billing > Plans of your control panel!

More on the video below:

How do I post my jobs on the job boards?

Posting Jobs on job boards is easy and seamless from Recruit CRM. When a job is created, ensure all the following conditions are satisfied so that the job is added to the feed:

  • The Job-status should be "Open"

  • The “Updated On” date should be within the last 30 days

  • All the fields where you see the message "Required To Post On Partner Job Boards" (like City, State, Country, Job Application Form Link, currency, Maximum salary) need to have a value

  • Make sure the "Post On Job Boards" option is selected inside Admin Settings >> Job Custom Fields

If the job satisfies all the above requirements, it gets added to the feed and published on the job board.

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