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Use AI to find candidate matches in Recruit CRM
Use AI to find candidate matches in Recruit CRM

Use AI matching to find a set of candidates similar to a particular candidate.

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Looking to discover candidates who closely resemble those you've already identified as ideal? Recruit CRM makes it easy with its candidate-to-candidate AI Matching feature.

Note: This is a business and enterprise plan exclusive feature. However, users on the pro plan can view up to 2 candidate matches to have an overview of the feature.

💡What is candidate-to-candidate matching?

Candidate-to-candidate matching in Recruit CRM is a process powered by Artificial Intelligence that helps you find the ideal candidates based on parameters such as candidates' skills, experience, and qualifications, extracted from their resumes, to identify potential candidate matches.

So, once you identify the ideal candidate profile to fit a role, you can ask AI to find you more such candidate matches for you from a large, diverse talent pool.

🤔How does AI Matching work in Recruit CRM?

AI Matching in Recruit CRM uses AI capabilities to perform bimetric scoring, a two-way matching algorithm based on holistic profiles rather than a string of keywords, to generate the match rate between two candidate profiles.

The bimetric scoring uses details available on the candidate's resume such as skills, experience, education, location, language, job titles, industry, etc.

Here's how you can find candidate matches based on an ideal candidate profile.

1. Once you identify a candidate who is a perfect fit for a role, open their profile and navigate to the 'star' icon on the top right end of the profile.

Please note: As the AI utilizes data from candidate resumes to identify matches, this feature is only available for the candidate profiles that have a resume uploaded to the default resume field.

2. Clicking on the icon will open up a window displaying a list of candidates who match the selected candidate based on their holistic profiles along with the match score ranking between 0 and 100.

A higher match score implies a better match with the primary profile.

The system will show you up to 50 matches for the primary candidate profile.

3. Once you find the ideal matches, you can directly assign these candidates to jobs, add them to hotlists, send emails, and pitch to contacts, among other possible actions.

4. You can also access this feature under the Candidate Pipeline tab within a job profile.

🎥 Watch a demo

Here's a quick video demonstrating how the AI Candidate matching feature works:

Hope this helps :)

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