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Recruit CRM's Pro plan includes:

Our Chrome extension streamlines your workflow, enabling you to source candidates, contacts, and companies effortlessly from multiple recruitment platforms and lead databases with just one click! Currently compatible with LinkedIn, LinkedIn Recruiter, Recruiter Lite, Sales Navigator, Outlook, Gmail, ZoomInfo, Xing, Xing Talent Manager, Indeed, and Naukri Recruitment Management System, our extension is designed to enhance productivity and save you valuable time.

Discover the power of the Resume Parser in Recruit CRM—an essential tool designed to automate the extraction of crucial information from candidate resumes. With our robust Resume Parser, you can effortlessly populate your database by directly uploading CVs stored on your computer into Recruit CRM.

3. GPT Integration

The GPT integration with Recruit CRM helps you streamline the process of creating email templates, job descriptions, candidate summaries, notes, and call logs.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA) adds a layer of protection and enhances the security of your Recruit CRM account beyond your standard login credentials.

Using advanced AI, the system identifies and ranks candidates, based on bimetric scoring, with profiles closely aligned to your ideal candidates, streamlining your search for the perfect fit.

Unlock the potential of our robust email template builder, empowering you to create personalized emails and effortlessly communicate with all your candidates and contacts.

Experience full control over your revenue opportunities with Recruit CRM's Deal Pipeline feature. Seamlessly track every "deal" your team is pursuing, customize deal stages, and tailor fields to your specific needs. Plus, effortlessly monitor associated Jobs, Companies, or Contacts, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Enhance your emailing experience by seamlessly integrating your mailbox with Recruit CRM. You can also create personalized email signatures, create and customize email templates, and efficiently send emails to your candidates and contacts—all using the Recruit CRM platform.

From tracking key metrics to analyzing performance, streamline your operations with ease using our powerful Reporting Suite.

Sending emails individually can be a time-consuming task! Save time, and boost productivity with our convenient bulk email feature!

Unlock the ability to add up to 15 custom fields to each of your records—candidates, companies, contacts, and jobs. Experience the power of personalized customization with Recruit CRM.

We natively partner with top free job boards, including ZipRecruiter, (formerly Neuvoo), CareerJet, Job Rapido, and Google for Jobs. You can enhance your recruitment efforts and maximize the number of quality applications received.

To upgrade, just go to the Pro plan from the Plans & Billing > Plans of your control panel!

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