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How does the Resume Parser work?
How does the Resume Parser work?

A quick explanation on how Resume Parser works in Recruit CRM

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The Resume Parser in Recruit CRM is a comprehensive tool that automates the process of capturing vital information about candidate resumes.

To use the Resume Parser, you must first parse a few resumes in your database by following the steps mentioned in the following article:

Once you have parsed a few resumes the parser will capture details such as the Candidate’s Name, Phone Number, Email, City, Full Address, Specialization, Work Experience Year, Work Experience Month, Current Organization, Title, Skills, Language Skills, Summary, Educational Qualification, Work and Education History and social medial URLs like Facebook URL, Twitter URL, LinkedIn URL, GitHub URL, Xing URL (if any).

It will also extract the candidate’s work and education history from their resume.

Additionally, the parser works with the resumes received from:

  • Job Application Forms

  • Talent Pool Forms

  • As well as when candidates update their profile using the Profile Update Request Form.

The Parser has the capability to parse resumes in non-English languages making it a versatile tool for organizations with a global recruitment process.

We have the ability to parse text in the following languages with our system:

You can use our Boolean Search feature to search all the information in a candidate’s resume/CV.

Our Resume Parser is a highly efficient and user-friendly tool that streamlines the recruitment process by automating the capture of essential information from candidate resumes whether you are dealing with English or non-English resumes, the Resume Parser has you covered!

Hope that helps :)

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