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Parsing Failed

This article will help you understand why resume parsing can fail sometimes?

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Recruit CRM uses a proprietary Resume Parser to help recruiters add candidates into the system faster.

You can check these articles How does the resume parser work and Resume parsing on Recruit CRM to learn more about how it actually works!

Recruit CRM only supports .DOC/.DOCX/.PDF file types for Resume Parsing, and will return an error message if the file type is anything other than the 3 mentioned above.

There could be multiple reasons why parsing fails, Below are some of the common reasons:

1. Document type Not Supported:

Recruit CRM's Resume Parser does not support any file type other than PDF, Doc & Docx. If a Resume/CV is scanned and stored in any other format, it will Not Be Parsed.

2. If a Resume/CV file (.DOC/.DOCX/.PDF) contains images inside

The parser might not parse data from the .DOC/.PDF file if the document has an image embedded in it.

3. Image file converted to PDF

While, OCR files are also supported by our resume parser, in some cases, parsing might fail for OCR files (image file converted to PDF).

4. Internet connection

If your internet connection drops or your upload speed is slow while parsing, it can also break the parsing process and lead to a failed parse. You can try parsing after some time when your internet connection is stable.

You can check download & upload speeds at

Hope this helped :)

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