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Recruit CRM has launched this plan with more exciting features :)

Our "Business Plan" has:

Effortlessly customize and brand your resumes/CVs with our CV formatting tool, featuring personalized headers, footers, watermarks, and text redaction

Empower your team with tailored access levels and permissions allowing you to create custom roles for each user, controlling what they can see, do, and manage within the app.

Enhance collaboration and performance tracking with Teams. Organize users into teams and create custom roles with specific access permissions, while also generating reports to evaluate and compare the productivity of different teams.

Create professional and tailored Executive Search Reports, showcasing candidate information, and summaries using custom templates.

Using advanced AI, the system identifies and ranks candidates, based on bimetric scoring, with profiles closely aligned to your ideal candidates, streamlining your search for the perfect fit.

Access details of actions performed, users involved, action types, and timestamps for the last 30 days, empowering you to maintain a comprehensive record of your team's activities.

Maximize candidate and contact engagement. Create customized sequences of precisely timed emails and/or tasks, allowing you to nurture and communicate with recipients until they respond, all while maintaining full control over the execution timeline.

Unlock the full potential of Recruit CRM with our robust API, designed for developers and teams to seamlessly customize and integrate candidate, company, contact, and job data.

Automate job postings on multiple job boards and receive applicants directly in your database. Create customized XML feeds to seamlessly integrate with your desired platforms and save time.

Communicate seamlessly with your candidates/contacts using Twilio-powered texting within the USA, UK, Israel, Hong Kong, Canada & Sweden.

Easily call candidates or contacts using Twilio. Set up your calling number, buy credits, and start making calls with the option to record and store call details.

Create up to 10 candidate summary templates for more personalized reports on candidates.

Customize your client and candidate experience by removing Recruit CRM branding from external pages with a simple toggle.

Tailor your hiring process by creating multiple custom pipelines for various job roles. Easily manage and choose the appropriate pipeline for each job, streamlining your workflow.

Easily view, store, and share job-specific candidate files within jobs to ensure tailored submissions to clients

Enhance your organization's data security by specifying trusted IP addresses from which users can log in, protecting against unauthorized access.

Add up to 100 custom fields for each entity, providing extensive flexibility to tailor your system to your unique needs.

To upgrade, just go to the business plan from the Plans & Billing > Plans of your control panel!

More on the video below:

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