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Note: The option to remove Recruit CRM branding from external pages is available only for Business Plan users.

You can easily choose to remove Recruit CRM branding from all your external pages which are accessible to your clients and candidates.

This can be done with just a few clicks:

1. Go to your Admin Settings

2. Click on "Account" under the account management settings.

3. You will find the "Remove Branding" section by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. Turn the toggle "ON" to remove Recruit CRM branding.

Note: Turning the toggle ON/OFF will affect Recruit CRM branding on all the external pages.

Which pages have Recruit CRM branding and what does it look like?

1. Talent Pool Page

2. Public Job Page

3. Job Application Form

4. Candidate List Page Submitted to Clients

5. Candidate Profile Update Request Form

Once you turn the "Remove Branding" toggle ON, the "Powered By Recruit CRM | Application Tracking System" will not be visible on any of the above-mentioned pages.

Hope this helps :)

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