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Integrating Recruit CRM Career Page with Squarespace
Integrating Recruit CRM Career Page with Squarespace

This article will help you integrate your Recruit CRM Job Board with your website managed by Squarespace

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It's always good to have loads of applications for your Jobs :)
To make this possible, we give you a way to connect your website to Recruit CRM so whenever candidates apply from your website, they'll be added directly to your Recruit CRMs database.

If you're managing your website using Squarespace, these steps below will help you do that.

  1. Select your website from your Squarspace dashboard.

  2. Go to Pages and add a new Blank page by clicking on "+". You can choose a name for the page. 

  3. Click on the Page and add a "Markdown" block on the page. You can enter the code snippet provided to your in Recruit CRM. You can find it here. Once you place the code snippet, click on Apply. 

  4. You also need to click on Save once everything is set. 

P.S. You can choose if you want to add a banner either from Squarespace OR from Recruit CRM. 

Hope this helps :)

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