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Integrating SourceWhale to Recruit CRM
Integrating SourceWhale to Recruit CRM

This article will help you integrate your SourceWhale account to your Recruit CRM account.

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SourceWhale is a recruiting tool that helps streamline your prospecting and outreach process by combining your tech stack into one platform.

Note: This integration will only be available to users on the Business Plan.

All you need to do to power this integration is:

  • Open your SourceWhale Dashboard

  • You need to click on your initials

  • Go to integrations

  • Select Recruit CRM from their list of integrations

  • Now you'll need to enter your API key, which you can generate from the Admin Settings in Recruit CRM under the API & Integrations section.

  • You can generate your API key from here

  • You have to turn the toggle on to enable API token and then copy the API key

  • Once you have copied the API key, you can paste it on the SourceWhale integrations page, over here:

    Upon entering the API key, all you need to do is hit activate and your integration is complete!

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