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Integrating Recruit CRM with your LogicMelon account
Integrating Recruit CRM with your LogicMelon account

Integrate LogicMelon with Recruit CRM and post jobs to multiple online destinations with one click

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The LogicMelon integration is available only for our Business plan users. You'll need an active LogicMelon account for this.

Recruit CRM has partnered with LogicMelon to make job posting easier for you!

With a few simple steps, you can integrate your LogicMelon account with Recruit CRM and use their multiposting feature to distribute your job posts across multiple job boards.

The interface allows you to post jobs to multiple boards, directly to your company website, and across all your social media networks at the same time.

How to integrate Recruit CRM with LogicMelon

1. Go to Admin Settings > External Job Boards (You'll need to be an Admin or Account Owner to do this).

2. Click on "Connect" and enter the username and password which is registered with your LogicMelon account. Also, insert your LogicMelon API key and hit save.

And that's it! You have successfully integrated your Recruit CRM Account into your LogicMelon Account.

Posting Jobs from Recruit CRM on LogicMelon:

To post your job on LogicMelon, you have to go through the following steps:

1. Go to the job that you want to post on Logic Melon (if you have yet to create a job, you can refer to this article for creating jobs inside Recruit CRM)

2. Click on the three dots and select the "Post Job" option.

3. Next, you have to click on the green "Post" button which will then open the LogicMelon job posting in an iframe, where you will need to select your account name and fill out all the required fields as shown below:

Once you click on the finish button, your job post will be successfully sent via Recruit CRM to Logic Melon.

How to close jobs on LogicMelon job boards while updating the job status and archiving a job

You can close a job on the Logicmelon Job Board while updating its status or archiving it.

Simply check the "Close the job on external job board" checkbox while changing the job's status.

This checkbox is unchecked by default and only applies to the LogicMelon job board.

Alternatively, when you archive a job, an alert will appear, notifying you that the job will be closed on the external job board.

Conditions for a job to be posted on job boards

While creating the job or while editing it, please populate all the required fields. If all the required fields are not populated, the job won't be posted to any job board.

The required fields are:

Job Description


Note for Candidates (only when the Job Description is uploaded as a file)


Salary Type

Maximum Salary



Other than these, also make sure that the following conditions are satisfied so the job will be added to the feed:

  • Job status should be "Open"

  • The Updated On date should be within 30 days

The "Post On Job Boards" option should also be selected inside Admin Settings >> Job Custom Fields

If the job satisfies all the above requirements, it gets added to the feed and published on the job board.

Checking the status of your LogicMelon job post

You can also keep a tab on the status of the job post from Recruit CRM itself.

1. Go to the Job that you posted in Logic Melon through Recruit CRM, click on the three dots, and select "Post Job"

2. Here, you will find if the job has been posted to LogicMelon and you can check the status of the job by clicking on the arrow next to the "Job posting status".

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