Posting jobs to free job boards needs zero efforts from your end. We do all the heavy lifting for you.

 It's 100% Automatic. 

Before you create a new job in Recruit CRM, just make sure you have ticked the box inside Job Fields in Admin settings. This will help post your open jobs to your website and other job boards.

Here's how you can turn job posting ON

If you turn ON this setting in Recruit CRM, It will post all your open jobs on free job boards without you doing anything :)  (You can see all the job boards here)

Please make a note that, If you untick the checkbox, none of your jobs will be posted.

Let's start adding a job in Recruit CRM!

There are 2 ways of adding jobs:

1. Within the company

  • Navigate to the company from the company list page or search for the company name in the search bar at the top

  • Click on "Add Job" button

  • You need to fill the Add Job form and hit Save Job

2. By clicking on "+" button

  • Click on "Job"

  • Fill the Add Job form and hit Save Job button

While creating a new job, you need to fill all the fields that are required to post job to the job boards.

These fields are easy to locate. (Refer the image below)

The required fields might change in future according to the demands of job boards.

Once you are done adding details to these fields, the job goes for the review process. If everything is fine, Recruit CRM will publish your jobs with partner job boards instantly.

And that's it! You'll start receiving applications for those jobs in Recruit CRM!

When your job is posted on the partner job boards, it will look something like this: (Note- view will vary depending upon the job board)

(Attached image is an actual job posting of one of our clients)

Once the candidate clicks on "Apply on Website" button, the candidate will be redirected to your website where the job is posted. There he/she can read Job Description and apply to that job.

How will you get applications for the jobs?

When a candidate fills the application form, you'll be notified in Recruit CRM.

You can see all the website applicants on candidate list page

Recruit CRM posts jobs on the following free job boards, which will help you get more applications.

  • Zip Recruiter

  • (earlier known as Neuvoo)

  • CareerJet

  • Job Rapido

  • Google for Jobs

How to post jobs on other portals?

If you want to post jobs on other portals, you just need to follow the steps below:

  • Go to Jobs

  • Select the job you want to post

  • Copy the Job Application Link inside the job

  • Paste that link wherever you want

That's about it!

You know what to do when you need help ;)

Just click on the chat icon at the bottom right & ask us for help, we'll be right there for you. 

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