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How Job Board Posting Works in Recruit CRM
How Job Board Posting Works in Recruit CRM

How to post job on job boards?

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Posting jobs to free job boards is super simple in Recruit CRM! We do all the heavy lifting for you and it's 100% Automatic. 

Recruit CRM posts jobs on the following free job boards:

Zip Recruiter


Google for Jobs (earlier known as Neuvoo)

Job Rapido

How to get a job posted in the free job boards

Before you create a new job in Recruit CRM, please make sure you have ticked the job posting box inside Job Fields in Admin settings. This will help post your open jobs on your website and other job boards.

❌ Please note that if you untick the checkbox none of your jobs will be posted.

The first step is to make sure all the necessary criteria are met for the jobs to be visible on the XML Feed and posted on the free job boards.

These are:

  • The job application form should be enabled;

  • The Updated On date should be within the last 30 days;

  • All the fields where you see the message "Required To Post On Partner Job Boards" (City, State, Country, Maximum Salary, Job Description, Currency, Salary Type) need to have a value;

The required fields might change in the future according to the demands of job boards.

  • 'Note for candidates' should be filled in (only if the Job Description is uploaded as a file);

  • The job status should not be 'closed', 'on hold' or 'cancelled';

  • Select "Free Job Board" under the XML Feeds section ⬇️⬇️⬇️

You have the ability to selectively push job postings to specific XML feeds.

While adding/editing a job, you'll get an option to select the XML feeds from both the default and custom XML feeds that you have built, provided the 'Post on Job Board' option is enabled from the Job Fields settings.

Make sure to select "Free Job Board" to get your jobs posted on the correct XML Feed.

The jobs will be indexed to the external boards only if the requirements given above are met.

Once you add details to these fields, the job goes through the review process. If everything is fine, Recruit CRM will publish your jobs with partner job boards instantly.

Please note that since this is a free integration, the decision to post the job or not is up to the job board. Each job board has its own criteria and your job might not fit in into their requirements.

And that's it! You'll start receiving applications for those jobs in Recruit CRM!

How do I know if my job was posted?

You can search the job boards' websites to check if the job was posted.

When your job is posted on the partner job boards, it will look something like this:

The view will vary depending on the job board. The attached image is an actual job posting for one of our clients

Once the candidate clicks on the "Apply on Website" button, they will be redirected to your website where the job is posted. There they can read the job description and apply for that job.

Another way to verify if they job was posted or not is to look for applicant candidates in your database.

You can do this by enabling the Source field in Candidate Fields:

With the Source field, you'll be able to track the origin of how the candidate was added to the system. If the candidate applies externally, the name of the job board will be mentioned in the field:

You can even run an Advanced Search on the Source field:

How will you get applications for the jobs?

When a candidate fills out the application form, you'll be notified in Recruit CRM.

You can see all the website applicants on the candidate list page.

How to post jobs on other portals?

If you want to post jobs on other portals, you need to follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Jobs page and open the job you want to post.

2. Copy the Job Application URL inside the job and share it on social media or in the advert inside the job board you already partner with.

You can also create your own custom XML Feed to integrate with other job boards directly. Click here to learn more

That's about it!

You know what to do if you need help ;)

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