Posting all your open jobs from Recruit CRM to Indeed can be automated in minutes :)

(Please go through the full article for steps to make jobs available for external postings)

All you need to do is go to 

Copy & then Submit your Indeed link to your Indeed account manager and ask him/her to provide you a Conversion ID.

You then need to paste this Conversion ID in Recruit CRM, Now all your open Jobs from Recruit CRM will be automatically posted to Indeed.

Applicants will be auto directed to your Recruit CRM Job Application forms and feed directly into your Recruit CRM account.


The jobs will only be available for indeed and other external postings, if the below requirements are met:

1. Make sure you have ticked the box inside Job Fields in Admin settings. This will post your open jobs not only to your website, but other job boards (such as Indeed), too.

Here's how you can turn job posting ON

If you turn ON this setting in Recruit CRM, It will post all your open jobs on free job boards without you doing anything :) (You can see all the job boards here)

2. You need to fill all the fields that are required to post job to the job boards.

These fields are easy to locate.

- There should be a Job description on the Job

- They are City, State, and Country.

- Enable job application box should be checked

- Notes for candidates should be filled in

The required fields might change in future according to the demands of job boards.

Once you are done adding details to these fields and hit Save, the job goes for review process. If everything is fine, Recruit CRM will publish your jobs with partner job boards in 1 business day.

(For any confusion, use the blue box in the bottom right corner, to get in touch with us and get adequate assistance)

You can also customise your Job Application forms to work liking anytime you like in seconds!

To know the requirements for the job to be included in the job board posting, check the article here

Happy recruiting :)

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