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Integrating Indeed With Recruit CRM
Integrating Indeed With Recruit CRM

This article will help you post Jobs directly from Recruit CRM to your Indeed paid feed.

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Posting all your jobs from Recruit CRM to Indeed can be automated in minutes :)

(Please go through the complete article and steps mentioned to post your jobs on external job boards, including Indeed)

To Integrate with Indeed, first, you need to go to 

You will now see the "Indeed Job feed URL". Now copy & then submit your Indeed link to your Indeed account manager.

Now all your Jobs from Recruit CRM will be automatically posted to Indeed once they meet the following criteria!

Applicants will be auto-directed to your Recruit CRM Job Application forms and they will be directly added to your Recruit CRM database.


The jobs will be indexed to Indeed and other external boards, only if the requirements given below are met:

1. Make sure you have ticked the "Post on Job Boards" box inside Job Fields in Admin settings. This will post your open jobs not only on your website but other external job boards (such as Indeed), too.

Here's how you can turn job posting ON:

If you turn ON this setting in Recruit CRM, it will automatically post all your jobs on our partner job boards for free :) (You can see all the job boards here)

Note: All jobs, except those with a closed, on-hold, or canceled status, will be displayed in the feed.

2. You need to fill in all the fields that are required to post jobs on the job boards.

The required fields and specifications are:

- There should be a Job description for the Job.

- The City, State, Country, and Maximum Salary fields must be filled in.

- Enable job application box should be checked.

- Notes for candidates should be filled in.

There can be minor changes in the required fields in the future, according to the demands of job boards.

Once you are done adding details to these fields, hit Save. The job then goes through a review process, and if everything is fine Recruit CRM will publish your jobs on our partner job boards in 1 business day.

This feature is currently in beta version and will be gradually rolled out to all users over the next 1-2 months.

You also have the ability to selectively push job postings to specific XML feeds.

While adding/editing a job, you'll get an option to select the XML feeds from both the default and custom XML feeds that you have built, provided the 'Post on Job Board' option is enabled from the Job Fields settings.

By selecting the appropriate XML feeds, you can ensure that your jobs reach the intended audience through the most relevant job boards.

Furthermore, this feature adheres to all necessary rules for job posting to ensure successful feed submissions.

(For any further questions, use the blue box in the bottom right corner, to get in touch with us and get adequate assistance)

You can also customize your Job Application forms to work as per your requirements anytime you want in seconds!

To understand the requirements for the job to be included in the job board posting further, check the article here

Happy recruiting :)

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