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Integrating your Recruit CRM "Jobs Page" with Wix
Integrating your Recruit CRM "Jobs Page" with Wix

This article will show you how you can integrate your Recruit CRM Job Board With Your Wix Powered Website

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We understand how important it is to get job applications through your website :)

We will show you how you can get this done in a few simple steps listed below:

1. Log in to your Wix account

2. On the top, besides your website, click on the 'Site Actions' drop down and select Edit Site which will redirect you to the website builder

3. Click on the first tab on the left-hand side "Pages" and select the Jobs Page you have already created (If not, you might want to create a page for your Jobs:


4. Now, open a new browser, Login to Recruit CRM > Admin Settings > Public Job Page Settings > Job Page Integration tab

  • Under Option 2 - Website Integration you would find an HTML code, for which you need to select the source link and not the whole code (shown in the below image):

Please ensure you do not select the inverted quotes but only the source link. (Click on the above image and zoom in to see what has been selected in blue as that is the only text you need to copy)

5. Go back to your Wix website editor page, click on the '+' Add icon, which is the third icon on the left-hand panel

6. Select Embed and click on Embed a Widget

7. Click on the Enter Code text box, and select the website address radio button, and paste the link you copied in point no. 4 into the text box

Now, there may be some display editing required, so the following steps will be helpful then:

8. Once you paste the link and close the text box, click on the HTML page and click on the stretch button right above the page box as shown below:

9. Turn on the toggle switch which reads Stretch to full width

10. Finally, you can drag the page box to the top and make the necessary adjustments for the appearance as desired.

Once you have set the appearance, click on the preview button to see how the page would look like before publishing; and follow through with adjustments later as required.

We hope this helps!

Please do reach out to us using the chatbot on the bottom right if you need more help with this :)

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