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Setting Up Your Public Jobs Page
Setting Up Your Public Jobs Page

The Recruit CRM's jobs page lets you give candidates a public page where they can apply to positions your firm is currently recruiting for.

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How to customize your jobs page?

You'll see 3 different tabs:

1. Appearance Settings tab

Within this section, you have the flexibility to tailor the look of your job page. You can customize various elements including:

  • Job Page Title

  • Job Page Subtitle

  • Link to More Jobs

  • Placeholder Text for Search box

  • Background Image and Logo: You can incorporate branded visuals to enhance the page's appeal. Accepted file formats include .JPG, .PNG, and .JPEG."

  • Text and Background Colors: You can adjust text and background colors, ensuring harmony with your company's website theme. You can even fine-tune the list color, and Apply button colour.

If you want further customizations, you can use our API for it. We have an Open API which is part of our Business plan, that enables teams of any shape or size to build robust integrations that help them customize and get the most value out of Recruit CRM.
Here's our API Documentation for your reference:

2. Job Page Integration tab

Within this tab, you'll get different options to integrate your jobs page with your website or other job boards.

  • Website Link: This option is ideal for you if you do not have a website. You can simply copy and paste this jobs page link onto any platform and once the candidates apply to the jobs, they'll land directly in your database. Additionally, you can set the jobs page's link name of your choice.

  • Website Integration: Using this option, you can effortlessly embed the jobs page into your website using the provided iframe code. You can simply copy-paste this code into your HTML website code to seamlessly integrate Recruit CRM with your existing site.

  • Integrate With Job Boards: You can utilize this XML feed link to post jobs from Recruit CRM onto your Indeed paid feed.

3. Social Media Sharing tab

Within this tab, you can customize your text and image/logo for your social media sharing.

The image/logo that you upload here, will apply to all your social media posts.

How to access the job page link?

1. From the 'Jobs List' page:

You can find the link to the jobs page on the top right of the Job List Page:

2. From the 'Public Job Page Settings':

You can also access it within the Public Job Page Settings:

What are the conditions for jobs to be displayed on the jobs page?

1. Job's status should NOT be "Closed".

2. The "Enable Job Application Form" option should be checked.

Hope this helps!

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