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Setting Up Your Public Jobs Page
Setting Up Your Public Jobs Page

The Jobs or Careers Page lets you give candidates a public page where they can apply to positions your firm is currently recruiting for.

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To Customize your jobs page:

You'll see 3 tabs where you can customize the view of your jobs page.

In the Appearance Settings tab, you can set the following:

  • Page Title

  • Link to more jobs

  • Background Image & Logo (Allowed image file types are- .JPG,.PNG.JPEG)

  • Text & background colors- You can also customize jobs page background color, list color, Apply button color according to your company’s website theme.

A Job Page Integration tab will help you integrate your jobs page with your website or other job boards.

  • You can a set link name of your choice

  • Use the iframe code to integrate Recruit CRM with your website

  • Integrate with Indeed job-board

Customize your text and image for Social Media Sharing.

You can write the text in any language in the given box. The image that you upload here, will apply to all your social media posts.

The changes made on this page will reflect on your Jobs page 

You can find the link to the Jobs page on the top right of the Job List Page and Public Job Page Settings.

  • Only Jobs whose status is NOT "Closed" will be displayed on the jobs page.

  • Make sure, the "Enable Job Application Form" option is checked for the job to be published on the website.

  • While adding a job make sure you click on "Publish Company Name on Job Page" to display it. (you can find this in the edit option in a job)

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