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Managing Candidate Work & Education History in Recruit CRM
Managing Candidate Work & Education History in Recruit CRM

This article will help you understand how to edit and customize candidate Work and Education History.

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Maintain a dedicated record of your candidates' work and education details using our new feature - Work and Education History.

Candidate Work and Education History can be edited in multiple ways:

1. Click on the "pencil" icon on a candidate profile.

2. Scroll down on the "Edit Candidate" form and make the necessary changes in Education History and Work History sections and hit the "Save" button.

3. Click on the "Submit" button.

You can also edit Candidate Work and Education History from the "All Details" tab under candidate profiles by clicking on the "pencil" icon.

Customizing Candidate Work and Education History is also easy on Recruit CRM. You just need to follow these simple steps:

1. Go to admin settings and click on candidate fields under data customization.

2. Click on the "pencil" icon against the work or education section to change the section name.

3. You can turn the visibility toggle on/off to show/hide a field on the "Add Candidate" and "Edit Candidate" forms.

(You can also show/hide the education or work history sections using the against the section name.)

4. You can also make a field "Required" by hitting the checkbox against it. By making a field mandatory, you and your team will not be able to add/edit a candidate without filling in some data in these "required" fields.

*Note* The "Educational Qualification" under the Education History section and the "Title" under the Work History section are default fields and can not be edited.

P.S. Since we have introduced the new "Work & Education History" you now see multiple cascading-type sections divided into different categories in the admin settings.

How are Work and Education History entries handled within Recruit CRM?

When a candidate's resume is updated, the system identifies any manually added or edited work and education history entries. We understand the importance of the effort put into customizing the profiles, so we retain these specific entries.

Simultaneously, we automatically replace the remaining entries with the most recent data from the uploaded resumes. This ensures that the recruiters have access to the most up-to-date work and education history.

In cases where recruiters use our Chrome extension to source and parse resumes, the override data option plays a crucial role. When the override data option is turned on, the system will replace all the work and education history entries with the data extracted from the resume, regardless of whether they were manually added or edited.

However, when the override data option is turned off, no changes will be made to work and education histories. This gives you more control over the data allowing you to retain manually added or edited information.

If a candidate manually enters their work and education history using the talent pool, or job application form, or when a candidate updates their resume from the profile update form, we preserve their entries in the original form.

However, when the work and education history details are sourced from a resume then the information provided by the external forms is replaceable.

Hope this helps :)

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