You no longer require custom fields to store candidate work or education details on your database. Using our new Work & Education History feature, you can add these details as separate categories in addition to personal details.

You can easily add work and education history while adding a candidate by scrolling down the Add Candidate form:

1. Click on the green plus button in the top-right corner.

2. Select "Candidate".
3. Scroll down the Add Candidate form and add the required work and education details and click on the Save button.

4. Hit the Submit button to save the record.

Once the details are added, you can view them under the "All Details" section in the candidate's profile.

You can easily drag and drop the categories to move across the fields.

Click on the "Add Experience/Add Education" button to further add the details.

Deleting work or education history from a candidate profile is easy:

1. Click on the "trash" icon against the field that you no longer require.

2. A confirmation pop-up menu will appear, click on "Sure."

Hope this helps :)

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