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Candidate questions on the job application & profile update form
Candidate questions on the job application & profile update form

This article will show how you can create pre-qualification questions and add them to job application forms for different jobs.

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Pre-qualification questions help you gather information on candidates that don't naturally appear on their resumes.

Candidate answers help you make sure your candidates are the best match for the position.

How to create a library of questions in Recruit CRM?

​2. Scroll down to the "Candidate Questions" section, where you can build a comprehensive library of questions tailored to your hiring needs. Simply click on the 'Add Questions' button to seamlessly create and customize your set of inquiries.

You can also mark questions as "Required", ensuring that candidates address

mandatory queries during the application process.

Questions added to your question library in the Admin settings do NOT appear in all job application forms by default.

How to add related questions inside each job?

1. Go to the Job list page and open an existing job where you want to add pre-qualification questions.

2. Click on the pencil icon to edit the job.

3. Scroll down to the Job Application Form and make sure the "Enable Job Application Form" box is ticked. Enabling this will post your jobs on your company website and other job boards.

4. Choose questions from the list that you think are relevant to the job.

5. Don't forget to hit the 'Save Job' button for the changes to take effect.

Questions that you mark as 'Required' on the default Admin Settings, can be set as NOT REQUIRED while editing Job-specific application forms.

This is how the candidates will see all pre-qualification questions if you share this job application link.

How to track the questions answered by a candidate?

There are three ways by which you can track the questions that are answered by a candidate.

Way 1: From the 'Candidate Pipeline' within a job

1. Go to the desired job and click on the "View all" button under the 'Candidates Pipeline' tab:

2. Click on 'List View' :

3. Once you switch to the list view, click on the pencil icon and check the 'Candidate Questions' field:

You can drag and drop the 'Candidate Questions' section to the top or wherever you want it to be located.

4. Once you have this section enabled, you will be able to see the column as mentioned below, with a clickable View Q&A in it, the answers provided by the candidates will appear once you click on the View Q&A button:

Way 2: From the candidate's profile page

Navigate to the desired candidate details page, and under the "Candidate Questions" tab, you'll be able to track all the answers answered by that particular candidate along with the name of the job:

Way 3: By accessing job-specific details within a job

Navigate to the job's details page, under Candidate Pipeline, you'll find a 'Job Specific Details' button on each candidate's tab to view the job-related information.

Once you click on that button, under the 'Candidate Questions' tab, you'll be able to view all the questions/answers that are related to that job.

You can edit the answers by clicking on the pencil icon and to further streamline your search, you can leverage the search bar for quick and efficient access to specific questions.

We hope this helped!

Happy Recruiting :)

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