Pre-qualification questions help you gather information on candidates that doesn't naturally appear on their resumes.

Candidate answers help you make sure your candidates are the best match for the position.

A) Follow these steps to create a library of questions:

Step 1: Go to "Admin Settings"

Step 2: Go to "Job Application Form"

Step 3: Scroll down to Candidate Questions
Step 4:
Prepare a library of questions which you can use inside jobs

Important Note: Questions added to your "question library" in admin settings do not automatically appear in all Job application forms!

B) Here's how you can add related questions inside each job:

Step 1: Go to "Jobs"

Step 2: Choose an existing job where you want to add pre-qualification questions

Step 3: Click on the pencil icon to edit the job

Step 4: Scroll down to the Job Application Form and make sure the "Enable Job Application Form" box is ticked. Enabling this will post your jobs on your company website and other job boards.

Step 5: Choose questions from the list that are relevant for the job

Step 6: Don't forget to hit Save Job button for the changes to take effect.

This is how the candidates will see all pre-qualification questions if you share this job application link.

Here's a small video on how to do it!

Happy Recruiting :)

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