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Translating External Forms For Candidates
Translating External Forms For Candidates

This article will help you translate the fields on external forms for candidates like the Job Application form to your preferred language.

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Recruit CRM allows you to customize the headers and titles of fields on your forms in your preferred language :)

You can start editing your external application forms right from here.

1. Go to "Admin Settings" and click on "Job Application Form Settings"

2. Click on "General Page Settings" and scroll down to the "Customise Button & Link Labels" section. You can translate the text on the buttons and links by clicking on the Edit button.

​3. Similarly, you can go to "Job Application Form Field Settings" and translate the fields into your desired language. Click on the Edit button to edit the label to anything you like.

4. All changes made in the data labels will be reflected in the application form.

Here's a short video on how to change the language of external application pages.

That's about it!

Happy recruiting :)

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