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Job-specific application form
Job-specific application form

Learn to customize candidate fields for each job application form.

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Recruit CRM lets you customize candidate fields uniquely for each job application form, allowing you to tailor the application process according to the specific requirements of every job opening.

Customizing the application form for each specific job

1. Navigate to the job's details page and make sure the job application form is enabled.

2. Click on the settings option located alongside the application form URL.

3. Upon clicking, you can customize the form fields and:

  • Set the field labels to words in your language by clicking on the edit button next to the field label.

  • Choose which fields you want to be mandatory on the application form and turn off the visibility for the ones you don't wish to show.

  • Reorder the sequence of the fields by dragging the fields up / down.

  • Choose the questions you wish to add to the specific job form from the questions library you create.

Any modifications made in the job-specific form will specifically apply to that particular job itself and it won't change the default Job application form settings.

Please note that any changes that you make to the default Job application form settings in the admin settings DO NOT affect the customization you've already made for specific job application forms from the job's detailed profile page.

Accessing job-specific details submitted by candidates 📄

On the job details page, within the "Candidate Pipeline" tab, click on the "Job Specific Details" button within the candidate details section to examine specific job-related information for each candidate.

You'll be able to access all the job-associated files and review the candidate questions that the candidate has submitted for that specific job.

Hope this helps! :)

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