Inviting teammates on Recruit CRM takes seconds. To invite teammates:

Go to Admin setting on the left side bar -> inside admin setting click on users -> click on invite teammates on the top right menu  -> enter your teammate's email id, select a role from dropdown menu, and assign the required access. Once you are done, simply click on send invitation from the bottom.

Insert the email id of your teammates.

Click send invitation.

And you are done! Your teammates will receive a link via email through which they can start working with you instantly.

Things to know:

Access determines what a user can view and Role determines what they can do (add/delete/update)

Restricted Access: Users with “Restricted access” can only view records that they are owners of.

Full Access:  Grants access to all records (candidates, companies, jobs, contacts) across your database

Recruiter Role:  A recruiter can add records (candidates, companies, jobs, contacts) but cannot delete records, add other users and does not have access to the admin panel. 

Admin + Recruiter Role:  An “Admin + Recruiter” can add any records (candidate, company, job, contact) as well delete any records based on his access level. They also have complete access to the admin panel and can invite teammates.

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