Important Note: Only the users with an "Admin" role can invite more users on the account.

Inviting teammates on Recruit CRM takes seconds.

To invite teammates, follow the below given steps:

Go to Admin setting on the left sidebar, and click on Users

Click on Invite Teammates button at the top right

Enter your teammate's Email ID, select a Role from the drop-down, and assign the appropriate Access and click on Send Invitation button at the bottom.

And you are done! Your teammate(s) will receive a link via email through which they can start working with you instantly.

Things to know:

Role determines what a user can do (Add/Delete/Update) and Access determines what they can view.

Recruiter Role: A "Recruiter" can add records (candidates, companies, contacts, jobs), do activities like adding notes/call logs/tasks & meetings and other editing stuff. But, CAN'T add or delete users and also don't have access to the admin panel.

Admin Role: An “Admin” can add records (candidates, companies, contacts, jobs), delete any records based on his access level. They also have complete access to the admin panel and can invite teammates.

Full Access: Grants access to all records (candidates, companies, contacts, jobs) across your database.

Restricted Access: Users with “Restricted access” can only view records that they are owners of and they are Collaborators on.

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