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Inviting Teammates

Invite your teammates/ member/ team member/ user to kickstart your work

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Only the account owners, admins, and users on custom roles with access can invite more users to the account.

➕ How to invite your teammates?

1. Navigate to the Admin setting --> Users :

2. Click on the "Invite Teammates" button on the top right:

3. Enter your teammate's 'Email ID', select a 'Role' from the drop-down, choose an existing 'Team' to which you want to add that user, and click on the "Send Invitation" button at the bottom.

Adding the user to the existing team(s) during the invitation process is entirely optional.

You also have the flexibility to bulk-invite your teammates by simply uploading a CSV/XLS file containing user emails and mapping the email column from the uploaded file for accurate import.

This feature simplifies onboarding a large number of users quickly and efficiently, saving you valuable time and effort.

4. Your teammate(s) will receive a link via email through which they can start working with you instantly.

While inviting a user, if you encounter an error message saying, "This email ID is already in use. Please use a different email ID," it's likely that your colleague has already signed up for a free trial account.

To resolve this, kindly ask them to deactivate their free trial account first.

Once they've successfully deactivated their trial account, you can proceed to invite them to join your official account.

👤 What are the different user roles in Recruit CRM?

The "Role" determines what a user can do and what they can view.


An “Admin” can add records (candidates, companies, contacts, jobs), delete records (candidates, companies, contacts, jobs), view the complete database, export data from the list pages to CSV (up to 1000 records), and also have complete access to the admin panel (except Payments & Billing) and can invite teammates too.

Admins share many permissions with account owners but have certain limitations. Admins do not have access to the roles and permission section, plans and billings, premium job boards, and API integration token.

Team Member

A "Team Member" can add records (candidates, companies, contacts, jobs), view the complete database, and do activities like adding notes/call logs/tasks & meetings, and other editing stuff but, they will not have access to delete the data.

They have access to the Admin Panel but just to the Sequences and External Job Boards settings. They do not have access to the Reports section.

Restricted Team Member

A "Restricted Team Member" can add records (candidates, companies, contacts, jobs), and can only view the data that they are adding to the system and not the other user's data unless they have been made "owner" or "collaborator" on the record(s).

They will NOT have access to the admin panel, reports, and complete database.

Account Owner

Account Owners have complete access and control over the account. Other than all the access admin shares, only account owners can purchase calling credits, change account ownership, change account currency, and access full data export. Account owners also have access to the "Sent Email Conversation" KPI in team performance reports.

Please Note: Different roles and permissions can be assigned to custom role users on Business plans.

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