You can share any record with any Recruit CRM user by mentioning your teammates by using the "@" symbol in the Notes section of that record. Recruit CRM will send the mentioned user an email with details on the note along with a link to that record. Check out this article on how the mention feature works.

There is a slight complication when you're trying to mention a user that only has "Restricted Access".
The Restricted Access role is generally used by companies to grant access to RPO Clients & Freelance/Part-Time Teammates.  

While Inviting your teammates to Recruit CRM, you set their Roles (Recruiter or Admin) and Access (Full Access or Restricted Access).

Users with "Restricted Access" only have access to 

  1. Data which they have added into the system OR 

  2. Candidates Assigned To Jobs Where The Restricted User is Added as a "Collaborator"  

When you want a restricted user to work on or have access to any specific job/candidates assigned to that job, make them a collaborator by clicking on edit job typing their name into the collaborator section!

A user with restricted access will get an error message when they try to access the data which is not available for them.

Here you can see the list of Jobs inside the login of a user with "Restricted Access",
They have access to Job's & Candidates inside while they are not "Owners" because they have been added as a Collaborator on those jobs.

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