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Changing A User's Role

Now control what your teammates have access to

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You can change the role assigned to any of your teammates pretty easily :)

How to change a user's role

1. Click on Admin Settings --> Users.

2. A list of all your teammates will appear. Select the member whose "Role" has to be changed and click on the Edit (pencil icon) to change the role of the user.

3. Click on the Update button to save the changes.

Default roles in Recruit CRM

The "Role" determines what a user can do and what they can view.


An “Admin” can add records (candidates, companies, contacts, jobs), delete records (candidates, companies, contacts, jobs), view the complete database, export data from the list pages to CSV (up to 1000 records), and also have complete access to the admin panel (except Plans, Billing and API & integrations) and can invite teammates too.

Admins share many permissions with account owners but have certain limitations. Admins do not have access to the roles and permission section, plans and billings, premium job boards, and API integration tokens.

Team Member

A "Team Member" can add records (candidates, companies, contacts, jobs), view the complete database, and add/edit activities like adding notes/call logs/tasks & meetings. They CANNOT delete records and activities, export data, and also won't have access to the admin panel. When it comes to Deals, they will only be able to view and edit deals they own.

Restricted Team Member

A "Restricted Team Member" can add records (candidates, companies, contacts, jobs), and can only view the data that they are adding to the system and not the other user's data unless they have been made "owner" or "collaborator" on the record(s), including activities (notes, call logs, etc). They cannot delete any data and WON'T have access to the admin panel.

Account Owner

Account Owners have complete access and control over the account. Other than all the access admin shares, only account owners can purchase calling credits, change account ownership, change account currency, and access full data export. Account owners also have access to the "Sent Email Conversation" KPI in team performance reports.

These permissions will also impact the user's ability to see, create, edit and delete Notes, Call Logs, Tasks and Meetings inside each entity.

E.g. If a user has permission to edit only candidates they own, they won't be able to edit the notes inside a candidate that belongs to someone else, even if the note was added by the user themselves.

❌ If a record from a specific entity (candidates, companies, etc.) doesn't have an owner, the user will not be able to edit or delete the Notes, Call Logs, Tasks or Meetings.

Different roles and permissions can be assigned to users on the Business Plan by creating a custom role.

👉 Click here to learn more about custom roles.

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