You can change the role or access level assigned to any of your teammates pretty easily

To change the Role and access of your teammates, Click on Admin Settings. Click on Users, a list of all your teammates will appear. Select the member whose role/access has to be changed. Now, click on the edit (pencil icon) to change the role and access of the recruiter and then click on update

Access determines what a user can view and Role determines what they can do (add/delete/update)

Recruiter Role: A recruiter can add records (candidates, companies, jobs, contacts) but cannot delete records, add other users and does not have access to the admin panel.

Admin + Recruiter Role: An “Admin + Recruiter” can add any records (candidate, company, job, contact) as well delete any records based on his access level. They also have complete access to the admin panel and can invite teammates.

Full Access: Grants access to all records (candidates, companies, jobs, contacts) across your database

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