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Adding a data add-on to your subscription
Adding a data add-on to your subscription

This article will guide you on buying a data add-on for your account to store additional records.

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Hit your account's maximum limit for adding records? Need to increase the data limit on your account? We have got your back with our 'Additional Records Limit'.

An 'Additional Records Limit' is a monthly add-on to your subscription. It allows you to increase the storage limits for your account by adding 10,000 more candidates, contacts, and company records each, without you having to pay for a complete additional user.

How to purchase an Additional Records Limit?

  1. Go to Plans and Billings in Admin Settings > click on the green 'Edit Current Plan' button.

  2. Go to the 'Additional Records Limit' card and choose the number of add-ons you want. Note: One add-on would enable you to add 10,000 extra candidates, contacts, and company records.

  3. Once you've chosen this, you can click on the 'Review Order' button on the right side of the screen, under the 'Bill Summary', to proceed with the payment.

  4. Now, select the checkbox and click on 'Update Plan and Pay' to make the payment for the pro-rated amount which is automatically calculated based on when your Recruit CRM subscription renews.

The additional records are not specific to users, they will be applied to the account as a whole.

Thus, if you purchase 1 add-on, it gives you 10,000 records (candidates, contacts, and companies) on the entire account and NOT 10,000 per user.

You can now go ahead and add more records. Happy Recruiting!

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