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Managing Your Recruit CRM Subscription
Managing Your Recruit CRM Subscription

This article will help you better understand Recruit CRM's pricing plans & billing process.

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Gain insights into the various subscription options available and how they align with your recruitment needs.

🖇️ What are the different plans we offer?

There are currently 3 plans offered, each meant for teams of different sizes:

2. Business Plan

3. Enterprise Plan

You can check the pricing for each plan from here: Recruit CRM Pricing

💲What are the different ways you can pay?

1. Monthly

With monthly billing, you're charged for your provisioned seats at the beginning of your billing cycle every month.

2. Annual

The Annual billing option charges you a discounted per-month rate upfront for the whole year.

Please note:

  1. Although you have the flexibility to reassign deactivated seats to new users, it's important to understand that we do not offer refunds or credits for unused time on these seats.

  2. The currency and the amount you pay will differ depending on the country in which your company is based.

↔️ Is it possible to switch between the plans?

You can change/review your current plan anytime by going to the Plans in Admin Settings.

For any switch you make, the immediate charges will be calculated on a pro-rated basis for the remaining days in your billing cycle. The full cost of the new plan will only be charged when your account renews in the next billing cycle.

What are the record limits for each plan?

All limits are added up and applied against your entire account.

If you need to increase the data limit on your account, we got your back with our 'Additional Records Limit'!

An 'Additional Records Limit' is a monthly add-on to your subscription. It allows you to increase the storage limits for your account by adding 10,000 more candidates, contacts, and company records each, without you having to pay for a complete additional user.

The Add-Ons will also sync with the account renewal dates.

For example: If 3 add-ons of $25 each are subscribed to on the 20th of the month and if the renewal date is the 1st of the month, only one-third of the amount (pro-rated) i.e. 25 $ will be charged immediately. On the 1st of next month, the entire amount of 75$ will be charged along with the user subscription fee. A similar prorated calculation will be done for the annual purchase of Add-ons.

What are the cancellation policies?

Please note that any changes to the account or any payment-related issues should be done/communicated to us before the renewal date to avoid getting charged on your renewal.

Upon cancellation of your account, you will not incur any charges from the next billing date onward. However, it's important to note that as per our Terms and Conditions, no refunds will be issued for any unused portion of your subscription.

Hope this helps!

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