As your business evolves, you might want to change the number of seats, plan or billing cycle (Annual/Monthly/Mixed) of your Recruit CRM subscription.

Important Note: On the Pro plan, Only Account owners can make changes to your subscription. On the Business plan, you can create custom user roles to allow other users to do this as well.

The instructions below will help perform some of the common changes we see. There are 3 situations listed below, and you can go through each one of them to know what actions you can perform

Situation 1:

1) Switching Between the Pro and Business plans:

Login to your Recruit CRM account > Admin Settings > Plans & Billing > Plans

On this page, you will see your current plan and get an option to choose the other plan on offer. As shown in the below image, you can see that you get an option to choose to opt for Pro plan from the existing Business plan, as well an option to choose between Monthly and Annual billing cycles:

For any switch you make, the immediate charges will be calculated on a pro-rata basis for the remaining days in your billing cycle. The full cost of the new plan will only be charged when your account renews in the next billing cycle.

Point to note: If you wish to downgrade your plan from Business to Pro, the system will prompt you to delete the custom teams/roles you would have created, along with any custom fields you would have to exceed the 15 fields allowed on the "Pro" plan.

Situation 2

Switching from Monthly to Annual plan:

Login to your Recruit CRM account > Admin Settings > Plans & Billing > Plans > Click on Edit Plan:

Click between the Monthly or Annual plan as you choose:

Situation: 3

Switching some of your seats to Annual

Just like the option to switch your between Monthly and Annual, you can now choose to add some of the seats to Annual while keeping some in Monthly.

Login to your Recruit CRM account > Admin Settings > Plans & Billing > Plans > Click on Edit Plan:

Once on the page, ensure that the billing plan is selected to Annual (right-hand side), and choose the division of the seats between Monthly and Annual:

Once you have selected the seats and divided between Monthly and Annual, click on the review order to move on to the next page and pay for the upgrade.

After each of the steps mentioned, here's how you can make a payment:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Review order option to check the amount and proceed further with the payment:

On the next page, you'd be asked to put in a card detail if you do not have a card on file, or change it if you wish to; and proceed further with making a payment with the charge being applied on the current transaction being made (as shown in the below image). Click on the Update Plan and Pay button once confirmed:

I hope this helped!

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