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Upgrading Your Account

This article will help you understand how the "account upgrade" process works in Recruit CRM.

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​Upgrading from the free trial to a paid plan

1. The first step to upgrade to a paid plan is to verify your registered email address.

2. Then, click on the "Upgrade Your Account" button on the top right of your screen.

Or, go to Admin settings --> Plans & Billing --> Upgrade Your Account.

3. Switch the toggle to choose between the Monthly OR Annual billing cycle and the price will be automatically adjusted. Then select the desired plan from Pro, Business, or Enterprise.

4. After selecting the plan, choose the required number of licenses and/or additional record limits from the "-" or "+" buttons.

You can also choose to purchase the subscription with a combination of annual and monthly licenses. This article will guide you through the steps.

4. Once you finalize the subscription structure, click on "Review Order".

5. Next, you'll have to:

  • Add card details. (Any Visa/Master/Amex Credit/Debit card would work)

  • Save Billing information & verify your purchase details.

  • Check the box to agree with our Terms of Service

  • Click on the "Pay" button and you're done!

Upgrading from Pro to Business Plan

1. To upgrade your plan from Pro to the Business plan, go to Admin Settings > Plans & Billings > Plans :

2. Select the Business plan, and review your order & proceed to checkout to make the payment.

Note: You will only be charged a pro-rated amount that will be automatically calculated for the remaining period of your billing cycle.

Happy recruiting!

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