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Learn how to upgrade/downgrade or cancel your job posting subscription
Learn how to upgrade/downgrade or cancel your job posting subscription

This article will guide you on how to buy credits, upgrade, downgrade or cancel your job posting subscription

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Recruit CRM has partnered with VONQ to streamline your job posting process and publish job ads in an easy and targeted way. You can share your jobs on different job boards in two ways:

Please note that you DO NOT require a job posting subscription or purchase job posting credits to post jobs directly through the job marketplace.

To purchase a job campaign on the job marketplace, you pay the cost of the campaign directly to VONQ, seamlessly.

However, to post jobs using your existing job board contracts, you need to purchase credits as add-ons to your Recruit CRM subscription.

You can buy credits on a monthly or annual basis, irrespective of your subscription plan, directly from the job advertising module.

How to buy job posting credits

1. Go to the job advertising section in the admin settings.

2. Click on 'Buy Contract Posting Credits', choose the number of credits required based on how many jobs you want to advertise per month/year, and click on 'Continue To Checkout':

3. Now, add your card details for the payment, once you review the bill summary >> Understand and agree to the terms of service >> Click on 'Pay'.

That's it :)

You can now easily utilize these credits to post jobs on your contracted job boards directly through Recruit CRM. Here's how:

➕ Upgrading your job posting subscription

Here's how you can increase the number of credits on the subscription or upgrade from the monthly to the yearly payment plan:

⬆️ Upgrading to a higher-tier credit subscription

1. Go to the job advertising section >> Click on "Edit Current Plan":

2. Choose the new desired number of credits and click on "Continue to Checkout" to confirm the payment.

If you're on the annual subscription, on updating to a higher-tier plan, you will only be charged a prorated amount for the remaining period of your annual billing cycle.

The job posting credits will also be prorated for the first month.

📅 Upgrading from the monthly to the annual subscription

Upon upgrading to the annual subscription, the remaining credits will only be carried forward for the first month.

1. Click on "Edit Current Plan":

2. Switch the payment option toggle to "Annual".

3. You can also upgrade the number of job credits. Then, click on "Continue to Checkout," and you'll be prompted to pay the required amount.

⊖ Downgrading your job posting subscription

You have the option to downgrade the number of credits in your Vonq subscription if you're not posting as many jobs as you have credits for.

⬇️ Downgrading to a lower-tier credit subscription

You can downgrade your plan, for example, from credits for 50 jobs per month to credits for 10 jobs per month. From the next renewal date, you will be shifted to a lower bucket of jobs.

1. Click on "Edit Current Plan":

2. Choose a bucket for the number of credits you require and click on the "Continue to Checkout" button:

3. You will not be charged during the change and purchase process. The charge will only be applied on the next renewal date for the lower-tier job credits.

In case of the annual subscription, you can downgrade your subscription, however, your new subscription plan for the credits will start at the next renewal date.

📅 Yearly to Monthly

You will not be able to downgrade from the yearly to the monthly subscription from within the app. Please contact us using the chatbot or email us at so we can assist you with it.

❌ Cancelling your job posting subscription

If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so from your 'Job Advertising' section.

1. Click on the 'Cancel Plan?' button located underneath the 'Edit Current Plan' button on the right panel.

2. Confirm the cancellation by clicking on the 'Cancel Plan' button:

By doing this, you won't be charged for the next renewal, and you can continue to utilize the remaining job credits that you've already paid till the end of the subscription expiry.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us, we'll be here to help you.

Hope this helps!

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