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How to add your LinkedIn contract to your job advertising subscription
How to add your LinkedIn contract to your job advertising subscription

Learn how to integrate your LinkedIn contract with your job advertising subscription to share your job postings directly on LinkedIn

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If you already have an existing LinkedIn job board contract, you can easily add them to Recruit CRM and post jobs through it. Recruit CRM has partnered with VONQ to streamline your job posting process.

Please follow the steps below to connect your LinkedIn contract with your Jjob advertising subscription.

➕ Adding the LinkedIn contract in Recruit CRM

1. Navigate to the Admin Settings --> Job Advertising:

2. Under the 'Added Contracts' section, click on the 'Add Contracts/Job Board' button:

3. Type 'LinkedIn' in the contract provider's search bar and select the 'LinkedIn' option.

4. You will then see instructions on how to authenticate your LinkedIn account for posting jobs. Click on the green "Initialize Authentication" button:

5. You will be redirected to a new tab where you'll be prompted to log into your LinkedIn account. Please log in with the credentials of the account where you wish to post your jobs.

6. Once logged in to LinkedIn, you need to select the contract that you intend to connect to Recruit CRM.

Please note that if you have multiple accounts tied to your login, they will be presented here.

7. After selecting the correct account, you must edit the Job Poster information.

The job poster is the name of the user under which the jobs will be posted. If you have an enterprise LinkedIn account, you can choose any user for which the jobs will be posted.

Please note that the system may already display the name correctly. However, it is essential to complete this step to ensure the connection is set up correctly.

  • Click the "Edit" button located to the right of the "Job Poster" section, under the displayed name.

8. After clicking the 'Edit' button, you will need to retype your name and then press 'Save'.

This will initialize the connection between your LinkedIn posting account and the Recruit CRM job advertising system.

You'll be redirected back to the Recruit CRM contract instructions, where you'll need to add the remaining information after authenticating your LinkedIn account.

9. Please add the 'Company ID' of your LinkedIn account to proceed with the connection. Here is an article that will guide you on how to find the correct company ID for your LinkedIn account.

10. Once you add the company ID, you need to select/create a contract group:

Groups function as folders where you can organize your contracts.

It's important to note that in each group you can't have more than one contract of the same type.

Eg. Let's say you want to add two LinkedIn accounts. In that case, you'll need to create a separate group for each account.

11. In the 'Optional Details' section, you can include additional information and click on the green "Add To My Contracts" button to add the contract:

It's worth noting that:

  • The optional details are just for reference purposes and won't impact your ability to post jobs on job boards in any way.

  • The details of the fields can vary based on the requirements of the different job boards.

12. You can now click on "Add to My Contracts" to conclude the connection :)

💼 Posting jobs through your LinkedIn contract

First, make sure you have purchased the credits for posting jobs.

You'll have access to one free job posting credit per month to test the job posting through your added contracts.

Here's how you can post jobs through your contracted job boards:

1. Go to Admin Settings >>>> Job Settings >>>> Job Advertising.

2. Click on "Advertise Job" to start a new ad.

3. A pop-up will appear prompting you to fill in the basic information for the job campaign.

These fields are:

Job Name

Search for an existing job in your database

Campaign Name

Give your job advertising a name for future tracking

Job Function

Role and responsibilities of the job


Where the opportunity is situated


The job's general industry

All the fields except "Job Name" and "Campaign Name" do not impact the ability to post the job on the job boards. They are used just for filtering and recommending job boards.

4. Click on "Continue" and select your preferred contract to add to the campaign. In this case, you would need to select your "LinkedIn" contract.

5. Once you've selected your preferred contract (LinkedIn), click on "Continue to Review Details" to proceed:

6. Fill in and review the necessary details of your campaign and hit the "Confirm & Post Job" button:

Jobs that have the status: "on hold", "closed" or "cancelled" cannot be advertised.

7. You can keep track of all your existing ads by going to the "All Campaigns" tab and sort based on active campaigns or drafts.

You also have the ability to sort them based on the 'Created On', 'Start Date', 'End Date', 'Total Cost', 'Visitors', and 'Applicants', and apply different filters.

You can effortlessly advertise your jobs from the job details page as well by simply clicking on the 'Advertise Job' button and the rest of the process remains unchanged:

Furthermore, you can also track the job campaigns on the same page under the 'Job Campaigns' tab:

And that's it! You now have that contract connected to your Recruit CRM account and you can start sharing your jobs via LinkedIn! 😊

Hope this helps!

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