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Job campaign analytics

Learn about different job metrics of your job ad.

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Tracking the job campaigns ↗️

Once you have posted the job on your desired job board, you can track the job campaigns from two locations.

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1. Under the "Job Campaigns" tab on the job's details page:

2. By navigating to Admin Settings --> Job Advertising --> All Campaigns tab:

You can sort your ads based on 'Active Campaigns' or 'Drafts'. You also have the ability to sort them based on the 'Created On', 'Start Date', 'End Date', 'Total Cost', 'Visitors', and 'Applicants', and apply different filters.

Understanding job campaign analytics 📊

1. Click on the 'Analytics' button as shown below:

2. You'll be redirected to a dashboard displaying various metrics related to your job ads.

Those dashboard metrics are:

Total Cost

The total expense incurred for posting the job.

Active Channels

The number of job boards where the job is currently active compared to the total number of boards where the job has been posted.

Days Active

The total number of days the job post will remain active.


The number of individuals who have viewed your job post.


The number of applicants who have applied to your job.

Conversion Ratio

This ratio is calculated using the formula: (Number of Applicants / Number of Visitors) x 100. It indicates the percentage of visitors who applied for the job.

3. Furthermore, you can have a graphical analysis of visitor and applicant traffic, segmented by the different channels where your job is posted and over various time ranges.

Additionally, the dashboard provides an overview of the top sources of your applicants, giving you valuable insights into where your candidates are coming from.

It's important to note that the Visitor count data is auto-updated every 24 hours at 00:30 GMT.

To pull the latest numbers at any time during the day, you need to click the 'Refresh Data' button and this will update the numbers to reflect the most current data.

These numbers are updated by VONQ based on the inputs received from other job boards.

Hope this helps!

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